DOSSIER:  Felix Ruckert Tapestries

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Instagram : MichaStella

Inspired by Arte Povera, Minimalism, folkloric craft s and Japanese Shibari Techniques, dancer and choreographer Felix Ruckert assembles simple, yet sophisticated tapestries using mixed media.

In a work process that focusses on qualities such as care, patience, precision and love for detail, Felix researches a meditative, embodied and lively form of productivity, navigating between meditation and playfulness, reflection and intuition. The work is strongly inspired by Felix’ knowledge of dance and choreography, using his tools developed to compose movement and observing how they apply to inanimate material.

Each object therefore represents a snapshot of a process, that can be resumed, varied or reversed at any time. Naming his creations aft er iconic female figures in history, he humbly bows before the goddesses of modern times.