Amazon treatment

Amazon is a private session, created for nourishing your inner Amazon. The session is composed by 3 parts:

During the first 30 minutes you will share feelings and facts about your life, family bonds and relationships and search to understand what is really preventing you from reaching your full potential.

During the second part of the session you will lie inside a yoga hammock, your body suspended, enjoying the absence of gravity, while I will provide you with different sensations: spinning, floating, body stimulation, massages, pressure points.

During the third part, you will lie down, while I guide you through different kinds of active and passive visualizations.

During the session I combine elements from different techniques, inspired by the work of Alexandro Jodorosky and his “Metagenealogy“, but also hypnosis techniques, yoga, visualizations and exercises inspired by different acting techniques, such as those of Michael Tchekhov and Lee Strasberg .

The treatment lasts between 1h30 and 2 hours. The price is 80€.
I would like my sessions to be accessible to everyone. If you have any difficulties with the price, please contact me to discuss a possible reduction.

What is really preventing you from connecting with your inner Amazon?

Amazons are mythological figures of females warriors and I use this archetype to symbolize the female power and strength.
I do not believe that female energy is something passive, gentle and slow, as much I do not believe male energy is only active, dominant and fast.
There is nothing really gentle about a female body that is giving birth or squirting.
But I do believe we can reach our full power and freedom by reconnecting with the whole range of female and male archetypes, choosing any one of them according to our needs.

In this one-to-one coaching session, we will explore the feelings, traumas, family lineage and patterns that are preventing you (male or female) to reconnect with your female warrior power.