Finale by Pacitty Company

“Finale“ by Pacitty Company, Rome 2007
In 2017, I participated in the residency project directed by Robert Pacitty and I performed in “Finale“ one of the creations of his Pacitty Company. I still remember it as one of the most inspiring experiences of my life.

A question, to leave hanging in the air: what does it mean to commit murder?

For Finale Pacitti Company joined forces with sensational Swiss cult electronica band Velma to bring you one from the heart: a series of highly visceral performances shown in intense site-specific locations around the world.
Abstracting the 1867 Emile Zola text ‘Therese Raquin’ Finale dispensed with narrative structure and character, in order to prioritise the themes of the book – deception, lust, spite and domination. This was theatre full of sexual obsessions and jealous distractions played out against the hypnotic repetitions of Velmas minimalist soundwork. Pacitti Company reveled in the dirt of Zola’s text and – true to form – Finale was compelling and explicit, uncompromising and cruel.