Playing with Archetypes

The duration of this workshop can vary between 90 min and 2h30.

This workshop was created for the festival xplore Roma 2016.
A longer version called “Amazons and other archetypes“ was performed at Wonderlust-festivaali in Helsinki, in 2016.

Amazon, warrior, caring mother, alpha male, master, jealous lover… who are you used to being? And who would you like to be instead ??

In this workshop we will first define archetypes that are significant for the group and then explore them: With the support of imagination-based experience and sensorial techniques, we will embody different characters and by means of short “role play sessions“ we will become aware of the power they have on our emotional, physical and spiritual being.
Questioning our conditioning, background and models of living, as well as being with others and exploring different types of archetypical and symbolic relationships, we will enable ourselves to achieve a deeper level of understanding of limits and aims.
By observing archetypical images and habits we will dare to subvert them and discover new forms of encounter. Having a close look at the ensemble of our contradictions will open the possibility to live our potential more fully – to celebrate and enjoy.