a fresh view on Rope Bondage by Micha Stella
In IKSK, every Thursday// 19:00 – 21:00 // Drop-In Event 15-25€

This class is open to everyone, who wishes to play with ropes, tie and/or get tied, in an un-dogmatic and absolutely non-traditional way.

We will use dance & acting techniques, we will train to raise our awareness and train our perception of space, time, body, stillness and motion, inner and outer landscape.

We aim for physical pleasure, excitement and fun. 

Curious, Unconventional, Queer, Switch, Beginners & Experienced, any Gender, Orientation, Age, Identity, Minority, Parents, Superheroes, Aliens or Vampires welcome!

Radical acceptance and tenderness for all !

Class will be in English with German/ French translation for who need it. Bring ropes, tools and toys, if you have them.

Every Thursday from 19 to 21. From 24th June.
Fee: 15€ – 25€

Model: Jenny/ Rigging: Micha Stella & Saara Rei / Photo: Micha Stella