Penthésilée & Achilles

Pilar ties Maranta @ xplore Rome2017.
Pictures by Micha Stella.

I was always very touched by Kleist dramma, “Penthésilée“.
It tells the story of the passionate love between Amazon’s Queen Penthésilée and the powerful Achilles.
They meet for the first time on a battle field, as chiefs of enemies armies and they fall in love; their passion grow during the battle, while they savagely fight each other. When the night comes, they meet to live their passion, but during their encounter, Penthésilée crazy of desire, kill and devours Achilles together with her dogs.
To have betrayed the trust of her enemy during a respite, she is interrogated by the Amazon tribunal, but she can’t remember what happened; in a state of total delirium, she tries to define her feelings and to recall the passion that pushes her to posses her beloved until eating his own body.

When I sow Pilar tying Maranta, I had the impression to be on the battle field of the Trojan war, watching Penthésilée playing with Achille.