Designing (for) conversations with bodies // Guest: Sam Chermayeff

Sam Chermayeff (Office) is creating spaces, objects and atmospheres that help us see ourselves in concert with others. The work is about interacting with functions. Sometimes we are creating bodies. Sometimes the work is in a dance with bodies. Sometimes we are connecting bodies.

Home Body – Free body // Guest: Pr. Martin Gruber assisted by Viatcheslav Kushkov

Together with Martin, we will bring awareness to our inhibiting patterns ad learn how to reach a new quality of movement and sensitivity. We will discuss and experience how to feed our movements with presence, trust and ultimately connect with our inherent knowledge, to achieve more joy and freedom.

New Systems – Shifting body awareness // Guests: Dr. Alan Bern

Together with Alan, we will dive into the world of the smallest entities in creative body communication – our impulses! We will talk about perspectives on how we collectively shape decisions and how deeply our understanding of self is relying on interactions and evaluations of the Other. Inspired by his improvisation method Present Time Composition, we want to open a space for conversation on Sexual Empowerment and the architectures of collective sensual creativity!

“OUR DARLINGS“ – Topics of the next evenings.

  • New Systems – Shifting body awareness
  • Synchronization – Rehearsing Collectivity
  • Architecture – Embodied spaces 
  • Education – Towards Sex-positive Institutions 
  • Feminisms – Disconnecting Patriarchy 
  • Queer Trans humanism – New Ecosystems 

Qualities of Togetherness. Embodied.
Curated by: Micha Stella & Valentin Schmehl 

What does it take to be “together”?
How does being connected feel in your body?
Are you many?

The New Salon is a space for encounter.
It’s a personal space for experts and guests, to share thoughts, aesthetics and expressions. The first Friday of every second month, we invite you to collectively explore dimensions of EMBODIED TOGETHERNESS: in conversation, through expert-inputs, small performances, physical exercises and contemporary rituals.
Intellectually empowering, pragmatic and curious, the salon evenings invite you to learn, contribute and ask.