“OUR DARLINGS“ – Topics of the next evenings.

  • New Systems – Shifting body awareness
  • Synchronization – Rehearsing Collectivity
  • Architecture – Embodied spaces 
  • Education – Towards Sex-positive Institutions 
  • Feminisms – Disconnecting Patriarchy 
  • Queer Trans humanism – New Ecosystems 

Due to corona regulation first meeting will be reschedule //
New Systems – Shifting body awareness
// Guests: Dr. Alan Bern & Prof. Martin Gruber

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Qualities of Togetherness. Embodied.

Curated by: Micha Stella & Valentin Schmehl 

What does it take to be “together”?
How does being connected feel in your body?
Are you many?

The New Salon is a space for encounter.
It’s a personal space for experts and guests, to share thoughts, aesthetics and expressions. The first Friday of every second month, we invite you to collectively explore dimensions of EMBODIED TOGETHERNESS: in conversation, through expert-inputs, small performances, physical exercises and contemporary rituals.
Intellectually empowering, pragmatic and curious, the salon evenings invite you to learn, contribute and ask.