from 18th to 21th Mai, 2018.

We, Nehra Stella, Anna Natt and Felix Ruckert wondered about the people who – just like us – enjoy Kink as much as Superfood. We wanted to meet other people that combine an inclination to sophisticated BSDM Play and sexual experimentation with a passion for raw food, vegan/vegetarian dishes and alternative food processing. So we designed this long weekend where you can not only study Felix’ body centered approach to BDSM techniques, but also learn about Fermentation, Sprouting and the Making of Probiotic Drinks, all brought to you by Micha and Anna.

Here the food we will prepare and eat with you:

Sauerkraut / Fermented Vegetables /Beet kvass/ Quinoa Rejuvelac/ Fermented Nut cheese/ Sprouted Hummus/ Bread / Buckwheat Banana Bread/ Raw Chocolate & Golden Milk/Nut Milk/Coconut & Almond Bread/ Sweet Potatoes, Vegetable Milk bread/ Buckwheat Pancakes/ Buckwheat Porridge raw/ Egg breakfast (Omelet with vegetable and spices) /Sweet and Salty Spread (Carrots/Coriander/ Nuts & Chocolate)/ Spices, Toppings & Combinations/ Velouté/ Pumpkin Chestnuts Soup/Coconut milk/ Minestrone/ Wok Vegetables Variations/ Salad  Variations/Puntarelle/Macrobiotic salad/

And here is what we serve to your bodymind:

Felix’ work combines elements and exercises from Dance, Yoga, Bodywork, Breath Work, Systemic Constellation, Theatrical Role Play, Japanese Rope Bondage, Impact Play, Dominance-Submission Scenarios and Practices of Massage and Self Love.

Apart from these classes our location NEUE SPITZMÜHLE offers spring sunbaths and early dives into the lake, beautiful hikes in the surrounding forests, camp fire and late night sweating in the sauna.



The weekend ULTRA KONK (Kink and Superfood, May, 18-21) is  a special event that combines Conscious Kink with Conscious Eating and lasts four days. It costs 150 EUR for members of both associations and 210 EUR for everyone else. All-inclusive: workshops, accomodation and food. Registration: Jana <jana.felixruckert@gmx.de>


The first 30 registrations will be hosted in the hotel rooms (2-3 beds) with private bathroom, everyone else in collective dormitories in and around the house. We provide mattresses and blankets. Please bring your own bedsheets, otherwise you have to rent them for 10 EUR.